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For 20 years CIRAMAR has been engaged in the ship repair activity, and throughout this time it has managed to gather a well trained and professional staff to handle almost any type of work, to help you get back to business in no time.

Floating Dock I  Lifting Capacity   960 tons Length 61.0 mt Inside wins walls 13 mt
Floating Dock II Lifting Capacity 7500 tons Width 25 mt
Floating Pier (Pontoon) Length 140 mt

Graving Dock
Located in the east side of the Ozama River in Santo Domingo.
It has two levels. The lower level a accommodate vessels of 400 feet in length by 56 feet wide. Draft
allowed is 18 feet. The upper deck is 350 feet long by 56 feet wide. Draft permitted is 8 feet.

Clients and Partners you are WELCOME.

Base Naval De Las Calderas, , , Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
+1-809-332-6949, +1-829-539-0196
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Dock Type
  • Afloat Repairs
  • Floating Dock
  • Graving Dock
  • 0-100m
  • 101-200m
  • Quay
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