Astilleros de Mallorca SA

Over the past twenty years our proud construction heritage has lead us to building some fine yachts and commercial vessels.

Dedication to classic restoration and repair techniques led us on to the modern centre we are today. Mindful of our past, our resources are now the most modern working methods and tooling; coupled with a strongly talented workforce. All general yacht trades are found within the shipyard facilities, keeping costs down and allowing essential co-ordination between the departments ... invaluable when refitting.
An integrated refit and repair centre demands the most modern working methods and tooling. All the regular repair trades for a yacht can be found within the shipyard facilities.

STP Refit and Repair
We have expanded our activity in STP with a second new workshop at the Global Building to provide a larger mechanical and technical support.

700 Tonne Travel Lift
Astilleros de Mallorca is glad to announce that we are now able to offer our clients more haul-out and work possibilities. This will reduce the bottleneck on our 4 slipways and allow us to fully optimise their 70m+capacity

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